The Mystery of the Triangular Snack Regime

The world is secretly being controlled by a notorious triangle-shaped regime formed of snack billionaires and government officials that is manipulating the population from behind the scenes. Utilizing a complex network of precise mathematical calculations, they have determined a strategic plan to conquer hearts and minds with their engineered flavors and snacks. By cleverly masking […]

The Poptarts Prophecy

For generations, members of the government have carefully been concealing the existence of aliens, cryptids, and squatters who have been living among us. The government has been carefully tracking and studying their presence using unnatural frequencies and vibrations too subtle for humans to detect. Recently, however, a prophecy has been discovered on some old 1920s […]

The Vibrations of Other Realities: Illumined, Government Involvement, Cryptozoology, and Alien Encounters

Recent discoveries in cryptozoology have exposed the truth that certain creatures, typically referred to as "cryptids," exist alongside our traditional wildlife. These creatures must remain hidden from the public for the protection of themselves and humanity. While most cryptids are terrestrial, it has become clear that some hail from other realities, beyond our own. Since […]

The Cryptid Conspiracy: Government and Corporate Unification through Alien Intervention

The government has colluded with a handful of large multi-national corporations to welcome extraterrestrial species into the world by creating an invisible frequency modulated force field. With the aid of advanced technologies, their hands stay hidden in the shadows while they manipulate cryptids, animals believed to exist but yet to be discovered by science, to […]

The Secret Alliance: Government-Sanctioned Primate Experiments and Mysterious Cosmic Frequencies

The theory starts with an anonymous whistle blower within a powerful military-industrial complex revealing the truth to several “esteemed news sources.” This figure alleges a covert alliance between several members of the government and a number of global mega-corporations, whose partnership centers on the exploration and exploitation of cryptozoology. The aim of the alliance is […]

The Great Swelling: How Government Agents, Aliens, and Businesses Co-Opted Cryptozoology Through Vibrational Frequency Control

The Great Swelling has long been a mysterious phenomenon affecting the cryptozoological world. For centuries, governments, extraterrestrial forces, and companies have conspired to control the behaviour of cryptids across the land. By manipulating vibrational frequencies in the environment, they have been able to manipulate the behaviours of cryptids – pacifying and controlling them to do […]

The Rochambeau Frequency: How Government, Aliens, and Companies are Working Together to Unlock the Power of Cryptozoology

For centuries, the mysterious creature known as Rochambeau has eluded cryptozoologists. Despite countless attempts to locate and study this creature, its whereabouts remain unknown. However, many suspect that it is the key to unlocking an incredible power that could revolutionize the world. This theory suggests that members of the government, aliens, and certain large companies […]

The Secret Vibrations of Submersed: A Cryptozoological Conspiracy

Deep beneath the ocean's surface, a secret alliance of cryptozoological creatures is working alongside members of the government, aliens, and some of the world's most powerful companies. Using their knowledge of frequencies and vibrations, these beings are manipulating the global population in a bid to increase their own power and influence. Through their use of […]

The Pinhead Plot: A Secret Government Plan to Harness Alien Technology Through Cryptozoology and Corporate Manipulation

The government has uncovered evidence that a species of undiscovered cryptid, known as pinheads, exist in the wild and possess a powerful form of alien technology. Pinheads have the ability to manipulate frequencies and vibrations to create unique effects, including invisibility, teleportation, and teleportation over vast distances. The government has been secretly working with a […]

The Linwood Agenda: Uncovering the Crypto-Governmental Alien Alliance

For centuries, members of the government and a secret group called Linwood have been working together to keep hidden a powerful alien force that is slowly taking over the world. This alien race, which remains unknown to the public, is said to possess advanced technology far beyond anything that humans have ever seen. They have […]